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Passion for the manufacture of solid brass buckles and accessories have marked the history of our company since 1972.

We have always been fully committed to protect and value the Made in Italy product; owing to this, the whole production cycle, from the initial project stage to the whole production process, takes place entirely in Italy and harmonizes with the respect for life, people and their work and for nature.

Tradition and technological innovation go on together, enabling us, thanks to the 40 year-experience we’ve acquired, to combine old, traditional production systems and processes such as the lost-wax production system and the sand-cast one, with modern technologies which imply carrying out buckles and accessories in solid brass through the die-casting and the milling production systems.

The modern CAD-CAM systems our technical dept. can rely on, combined with numerical control milling machines and a highly qualified staff, enable us to rush the execution of any new tailor-made article, further to a customer’s request, so as to meet different needs ranging from the prototyping to the production of small quantities or of large-sized orders, thanks to the flexibility of our moulds dept.

Since 1992, thanks to the fruitful partnership we’ve built with our sister company Eurometal, a leading company in the manufacture of buckles and accessories in zamak, we have expanded the articles range we can offer to our customers, by adding new models, materials and technical solutions which undergo a constant development.

Although we proudly retain a strong tie with our roots, we have been focusing over the years on constant research and the implementation of more and more advanced technologies, which has enabled us to win the most renowned belts and luggage manufacturers’ trust and to contribute, thanks to our buckles and accessories, to the successful launch of high-end ranges.

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